spring! again.

I've started a photos-only blog over at tumblr, in hopes of posting more often than I do here. As in, it's easier to take a quick picture in the field or whatnot, with the iphone, than to sit of an evening and write something. And it gives such a nice look into what we're doing out there. Plus our animals are pretty cute. 

But - here's what's been happening, outside the lens: 
Planting up a storm, when fields are dry enough to get in: first 2 lettuce plantings are in, first 2 beets and broccoli, first scallions, all our onions and most of our leeks, and spring cabbage, bok choi, pea shoots, and salad greens. Radishes, sweet turnips, arugula, and carrots are seeded. The greenhouse is filled to a point of panic (too cold to move things outside! not enough room inside for the next plantings!). Seedling sale is coming up in a few weekends. First batch of meat chickens will move outside this Friday, if we can get their little hoop houses repaired tomorrow. Electric fences are up but still need solar-powered charges connected, so as to deliver a serious shock to the deer. Hoping to prevent them from snacking at their salad bar farm, more this year than last year...
snow at the farm, yesterday:

shortest day of the year

Winter is here! The seed catalogs are already piling up for next year's planning, it's hard to believe. I've sent my end-of-season letter and the barn and greenhouse are all closed up. The farm is put to bed for the year and it feels great.

summer is over.

Some photos of our produce at the farmers' market in the past month or two. Now we're in fall foods - winter squash, and lots of roots and greens. But August & September were pretty great too.


So busy at the farm these days. Harvesting four mornings a week, trying to get the tomatoes tied up and pruned and mulched, weeding like crazy, going to the farmers' market, staffing the CSA, delivering to the restaurants. Every day goes by so fast. Our lists for what needs to be done each week are NEVER finished. But it's a delight. And things are growing!

seedling sale

...was/is this weekend. here's some of what we grew for people's gardens, in little pots:

more of the latest

micro greens in pots!
and in a box!
fennel seed. crazy-looking.
onions. still growing.
spinach, just getting started.

well, this happened.

I had a great day yesterday, spreading compost with our super-neighbor's manure spreader and borrowed tractor. And then I somehow got into this situation:

Not the best moment so far this spring. There was a lot of driving forward and back, 3 feet at a time. And then it was clear nobody was moving. But no worries, anxious readers - the super-neighbor pulled us out:
And now the tractor looks less shiny and more well-used. Which is just fine.

March 17.

The greenhouse is so on the way. All the snow has melted inside, heat is hooked up, the second layer of plastic is on, blower is inflating between the layers, our friend Paul built 9 nice tables (11 more to go!) and lots of trays started. Some seeds have even germinated and started their little lives. I tried to take photos of that but they're a little too small, yet, to look like much. Trays are exciting, though: